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"...produced unbelievable results for my company. We generated over $5 million dollars in new opportunities over the last twelve months alone!"
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Search engine marketing (SEM) changed radically with the introduction of Google Adwords in 2000. There's just one small problem: it's always changing. This is great if you have a background in SEO or search engine marketing and have time to tinker with it. But for most people, the increasing number of features and changes are just too much information. If you feel overloaded with all the amazing things Google Adwords offers, you need guidance. Marketing data and management tool are only useful if you understand them and can make effective decisions with them. Before playing catch up with such a powerful tool, think about how Adwords has evolved.

Past: Google Adwords was developed in 2000 to help people who wanted to experiment with SEO. By tweaking the content, images, time of day and other features, almost anyone could get a handle on SEO and see results. More people could access basic SEO tools and get up to speed within short period of time. It quickly grew into one of the most relevant SEO tools on the market.

Present: Adwords has enlightened some business, but confused most of them. There's just too much information to take in at once and without proper guidance, you may be tempted to give up using it altogether. The fact that there seem to be endless changes to the way Google Adwords and other services manage quality score optimization, ad placement, video ads, search engine algorithms and other issues can turn off many business owners. Even with all of Google's training resources, using it can be a frustrating experience. It's still relevant compared to other SEM tools, but it is a tough nut to crack

Austin Search Marketing wants businesses to be successful by helping them navigate Adwords. It's like getting a secret map to the exciting world of SEM. Just because Adwords and other tools undergo constant adjustments doesn't mean you have to miss out. Austin Search Marketing will help you learn to be flexible, while retaining control over your marketing plan. With our help, you'll have incredible campaign results in no time. We know what really works and can make Google Adwords an intuitive, productive tool for your needs. This will pay off as you adapt your ad campaigns and other search engine marketing efforts to fit future developments from Google and other search engines. Contact us today and we'll show you how to incorporate Adwords into your marketing plan.