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A/B Testing - Conversion Optimization

Testing isn't just for kids in school. SEO effectiveness can be objectively measured with A/B or ad split testing, so you'll know which landing pages and ads bring you the most attention. How can you change something if you don't measure it first? A/B testing and ad split testing are some of the best tools out there. Read on to see what goes into the testing process.

Implementation: Trying out multiple versions of a page or an ad lets you know immediately if one is a lot better than another. Like a scientist conducting an experiment, creating variations on one element or multiple elements and seeing the results can be enlightening. Get the proper implementation advice so you can have a well-designed test with Austin Search Marketing. We believe that testing can give you a new perspective on your entire SEO strategy.

Results: Once you get the results of testing you can decide what direction to move in to improve the click-through rate (CTR). You may learn that different colors, sections or other elements can make a big difference. Be prepared to follow through on the results of testing. It can be hard to change your assumptions about site design, advertising or consumers' preferences, but trusting an SEO/PPC partner like Austin Search Marketing will help you process the test data and change your strategy for the better.

Testing can be an informative, clear process that gives you enough information to improve pages and ads, which will increase conversions. Austin Search Marketing has the right experience to analyze data and make smart decisions before, during and after testing. Whether you want to test big changes or small changes, contact us to see how to pass with flying colors.