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Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization or conversion rate optimization improves the number of conversions on your website. If you've ever wondered why you get a lot of traffic but few sales online, you could benefit from conversion optimization. Successful conversion optimization is similar to attracting someone to a store and getting them to buy things every time they visit. It's all about changing their interest and enthusiasm into a sale.

Get inside customers' heads: One great way to get better conversion results is to think about what customers search for. Every product is different, so don't assume that what will work for a competitor will work for your site and product. If customers are used to calling your product one name but you describe it in a completely different way on your site, then that could cause confusions and hurt conversions. It seems obvious, but be consistent in the way you describe things so that you can get better results.

Act like a customer: See how long it takes for you to learn about a product or service on your site and then buy it. It's a great to fix hidden problems and bugs. Testing and timing how long it takes to become a customer will help you attract more customers. Adjusting the site's layout and features can improve sales to an amazing degree. Just like having someone read your written content to check for mistakes, walking through the conversion process can bring a lot of insight.

Refresh your site: If you think your site is pretty good now, why not make it great? Conversion optimization can make a difference even if you have a relatively new or well-designed site. A web designer doesn't necessarily know how to create a site with landing pages and other features that will increase the conversion rate, so use Austin Search Marketing to put the finishing touches on your site.

Plenty of search engine marketing (SEM) companies make claims about conversion optimization, but only Austin Search Marketing is dedicated to using the best methods to reach customers. We test out what works so we can change your site for the better. You may be shocked at what a difference it makes. ASM has contributed to millions in additional sales, thanks in part to conversion optimization. Whether you need to increase registrations, sales or have other goals, Austin Search Marketing can educate you on how and why optimization methods work. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about the power of conversion optimization. ASM staff is always researching new ways to deliver the most conversions.