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How To Write Good Landing Page Copy

Once someone finds your site, what keeps them there? Writing great landing page copy can make a big difference in your marketing success. If you do it right, you'll inform visitors about your product and convince them to buy from you. It can also make them consider additional, unplanned purchases. Unfortunately, bad copy casts a shadow over your company and product.

Landing pages need great content, but too many businesses don't focus on establishing a strong strategy. First impressions online are made just as quickly and harshly as the ones we make in real life. A website with horrible content on landing pages is like a store with great products, but terrible customer service. No matter how good the product is, everything related to it is bound to repel potential customers, rather than draw them in. So what are some key qualities of great content?

Dynamic: Great content should be different. You can integrate video and images on a landing page to make it truly unique. Of course, there are good ways to do this and bad ways to do this. Austin Search Marketing will work with you to make sure you strike the right balance of media on your landing page.

Sticky: Sticky content grabs the reader and persuades them to stay on your site. It takes talented, experienced writers to write content that is memorable. You can achieve this by being funny, informative or having a unique tone. Austin Search Marketing knows the best ways to craft sticky content for your business.

Clarity: You don't have to be a webmaster to recognize bad design and navigation. A strange landing page layout can make even the best content and products unappealing. It pays to get an outside perspective on creating clear landing pages, especially if you don't have a lot of experience designing sites.

Don't leave content creation to an intern or outsourced employee. It's just too important. Not only does landing page content need the hand of experienced professionals to make it effective, the SEO and content world is in a constant state of change. Google and other search providers constantly revise their search parameters, which affects how content should be written. What worked 10 years ago generally won't work now. If you don't have time to relearn this subject and refresh your site, don't assume your customers won't notice. Customers judge you on content and could feel less confident buying from you if the website seems out of date. Even if they can't put it into words, they'll know if landing page content seems old or inaccurate compared to other companies' pages. You need clear, custom content that will make your business shine. Contact Austin Search Marketing to develop the best content. We understand the power of the written word, and utilize the most current keyword techniques to create landing pages.