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Quality Score and Landing Page Optimization

Quality score optimization improves your ad position with popular and relevant keywords. Quality landing pages are generally designed so well that most people don't think about how they have been optimized. Pages with high scores balance a high rate of conversion with well-written content. Other things that go into a landing page that will improve your quality score include:

Relevancy: You can't just write anything on a landing page to get a good score. Search engines require good content that is relevant to your product. If your keywords aren't as relevant to ads, that could be a big problem. This is why engaging professional help with a company like Austin Search Marketing is incredibly important. It's s a struggle to develop content that is relevant, but we can help. It's a challenge to design a landing page that can be remembered even people see it for just a few seconds, but we're up to the task.

Past performance: Did you know past number of impressions of your keywords can affect your score? This complex relationship between keywords and other metrics is just another example of why you need guidance to get the best quality score. Using keywords with high click through rates can also help. The big search engines constantly adjust these relationships. You may not always be able to do the best job on your own, so get extra help with Austin Search Marketing.

Design: If your site has good content, the quality score could still suffer due to bad design on the landing pages. Content that is closer to the top of the page or above the fold will help your score, but there's a lot more that you have to consider. Even if you think the layout appears fine, you still need to make sure that the layout makes it easy to find information when someone is searching for information. Don't let mediocre design landing pages hurt the score.

Think of the quality score as your search engine marketing (SEM) grade that's based on dynamic formulas. Running a business is enough work and the odds are good you will struggle to keep up with these changes. Austin Search Marketing can show you how much better you score will be testing out ads and utilizing other proven methods. Contact Austin Search Marketing to learn what you can do to improve your score and landing pages today.