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"...produced unbelievable results for my company. We generated over $5 million dollars in new opportunities over the last twelve months alone!"
Dustin D. Doan Renovations


If you ever wanted to get a second chance at making a good impression, try re-targeting. Unlike traditional media, search engine marketing (SEM) makes it easy to reach consumers in different areas. You don't have to wait months on end to see if an ad or commercial works, then create a new one and research a new venue for it. The beauty of re-targeting is how quickly you can adapt to consumers' browsing habits. Re-targeting is an excellent method to get people to see you in a new light and try marketing on different sites all at once.

Cut through distractions: Re-targeting gives you another chance to grab consumers' attention. Given all the different distractions out there, it's easy for them to miss your ads if they're not paying attention. So give it a shot! You never know if a good ad can cut through the noise unless you try re-targeting.

Tracking: Re-targeting works by tracking consumers' movements on different websites. If the outside site has open display ad space, your ads will appear in a new site! This works even if they haven't been to your site and just search for a keyword that is related to your business. If you track and reach consumers consistently, you'll get great results.

Repetition: The impact of an ad increases when people see it repeatedly. Seeing your ad in different places over a period of time could convert someone who is simply aware of your product into a new customer! Repetition often helps people feel more secure with the product and brand. That effect will encourage them to make a purchase.

Redesign: Re-targeting can help you change your entire site for the better if there are a lot of visitors going to your site, but leaving it without buying anything. Combining re-targeting and a different site design will help you make a better impression on visitors once they come back to your site. It can be hard to see how extensive your site layout changes should be if you're used to the way it looks or don't know where to begin with a redesigned site. Get an outside opinion from Austin Search Marketing for the best results.

Austin Search Marketing will help you figure out if you need re-targeting and how you can increase your conversions. Get in touch with us to learn more how to improve awareness of your business and increase conversions.