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"...produced unbelievable results for my company. We generated over $5 million dollars in new opportunities over the last twelve months alone!"
Dustin D. Doan Renovations

Return on Investment

What are effective SEO and PPC really worth to businesses? Exact numbers vary depending on what you read but instituting some kind of change almost always pays off for businesses. In an age of dwindling returns from radio on TV and other forms of traditional marketing, you need to develop a strong online presence with search engine marketing.

Here are just a few ways SEO has changed marketing in a variety of fields (and our comments)

"The best SEO is great content and if you don't create that you won't get search engine traffic."
Seth Godin, Marketing Author and Expert

Simply put, there are a lot of companies that will put up with substandard SEO and content to save a little money. Austin Search Marketing believes it takes real effort and skill to create great content, which pays off in the form of better web pages and higher sales. In a competitive online environment, ignoring this basic rule could cost you.

"Even more so than for web analytics tools, you have to invest in and use good testing resources." Rich Page, Adobe Conversion Solution Specialist

Investing is the keyword here. If you want amazing results, you have to take SEO seriously, just like any other project or issue at work. Investing can't be done on a small scale if you want to be like one of Austin Search Marketin's successful clients.

"The real meat of your page is the content. This will probably take care of itself. Mention your brand or what you do a few times and include a few variations of the keywords."
Christopher Davis, Music Think Tank Writer

SEO is affecting every business. Waiting to get into the game and improve results could hurt you. Just as the music business is suffering because it didn't understand how much digital music and content would change things, other businesses must think of how online marketing can help or hurt them. Understanding things now will prevent heartache and lost profits later.

"Google is making plans to turn its +1 button into a crowdsourcing tool that helps it re-order search results and fight web spam."
Ryan Singel, Wired Writer

Social media and other growing forces are changing marketing. The reality is you need to be vigilant about adapting to new things. Search engine marketing is influenced by so many changing factors. Smart SEO and PPC management is sensitive to change.

Work with Austin Search Marketing and take control of your marketing. We've contributed millions of dollars in additional sales to businesses in a variety of fields. Contact us and discover how productive marketing can be.