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How To Write Good Ad Copy

Ad copy is a hot topic and like landing page content, a very powerful sales tool. So why do so many business owners undervalue it? It just doesn't make sense to skimp on ad copy since it's the first connection to your business that many customers make.

Seth Godin, an experienced writer and marketing expert, believes great writing helps marketing cut through modern distractions while reaching relevant audiences. Good writing inspires trust and confidence in your business and helps consumers make decisions. "Stealing" attention with bad, obnoxious or misleading copy just doesn't work anymore. Here are a few tips that we think work for most businesses, no matter what industries they are in:

Keep it short: Short is almost always better than long. Your site is competing with so many other forms of media and distractions: smartphones, tablets, TVs, other browser tabs, etc. Think of how little is on the Google homepage but how successful it is. Get into the habit of distilling ad copy, product description and other content into fewer words. The exception is when you need to explain technical matters or have to educate readers on an obscure subject. In that case, break information up into smaller pieces to hold their attention.

Remember the audience: It's easy to lose track of who you are writing for, especially if you have a tough deadline or need to rewrite a lot of content. If you don't remember your audience's point of view, you could leave out important information and inadvertently hurt sales. On the other hand, you could add too much information they won't care about. The key is to do research on what they like, what brought them to your business and then craft content to fit their interests.

Write for the format: A one page ad needs different content than the FAQ page on your website. You may be a decent writer for traditional media, but leave the online work to a pro. Austin Search Marketing uses people who have experience writing print ads, blogs and website content, among other types of copy. ASM knows how to write for different formats for just about any type of company.

Review the content: This is something we all learned in elementary school, but tend to forget. Get other people to look at your content before you print or publish it. One person re-reading their own work can lead make oversights that will hurt your ability to sell. A fresh eye is invaluable in the content creation process. Second opinions help you polish the content and reduce the likelihood of factual errors, omissions and grammatical mistakes.

The hallmarks of good copy have changed drastically as society depends more on digital content than traditional mass media. With so much competition online, only the best copy will connect with your customers and convince them to buy from your business. Austin Search Marketing knows how the right content can help your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and make it pay off for years to come. Contact us for a consultation and we'll show you how to create incredible ad copy.