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SEO Tips

Google, the most popular search engine in the world, has started implementing changes in its search algorithms, all in the name of giving users better results. For businesses, these changes require well-written and carefully designed pages that won't be negatively affected by the changes. Since it's impossible to understand or track all of these changes, Austin Search Marketing recommends focusing on adapting traditional marketing practices to an online format and organizing content.

Integrate publicity. Surprisingly, many businesses still consider their sites as nothing more than detailed phonebook listings, when they can do so much more. Even businesses that sell online or have relatively new site designs need to change their sites so they help their publicity strategy. The technical aspects of managing SEO are best left to experts, but this gives business owners extra time to think of ways to adapt traditional marketing to online marketing. For example, if you issue press releases regularly through a wire service or PR firm, consider posting them on your own site on a special news or publicity page. This way, your press release is also part of your website and will show up in search results. Just about any form of publicity, whether it's a grand opening or other event, can be complemented with online coverage, such as a blog post, press release or other content.

Tag your content. Since social sharing is growing in importance, you need to organize publicity content by using the rel= "author" tag. The tag is like a stamp that tells Google you wrote the content and this can improve rankings, especially if you list your social media profiles as the author. This is important since Google now values social media profiles as authors and considers this tag in its search algorithms.

The power of an integrated marketing strategy can't be underestimated and your website must be a part of that strategy. Austin Search Marketing knows the best ways to make your website complement your traditional publicity and marketing strategy. Let us develop an SEO plan that targets the right audience and that will always support your publicity efforts. Set up a consultation by contacting us now at (512) 731-8114.