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Keyword Research for SEO

Understanding keywords begins with understanding search queries. Rather than assume what people will search for, use research to find the most common search queries (keywords people actually use when searching online). For example, a company that sells office furniture needs to know the most popular search query variations on the phrase "office furniture," such as "cubicle" or "conference table". Google has tools to do this, but if you need immediate results, work with Austin Search Marketing to determine the best keywords for search queries. We value keyword research and cannot only conduct research, but test options. This ensures you're using the best keywords possible to reach desired markets.

Even though it's important, managing keyword research and testing them can be incredibly time-consuming. So much work goes into testing, keyword development, campaign setup and other aspects that many companies need extra help with this. That's why Austin Search Marketing manages this process for clients who want the most effective keywords for their campaigns. Our management skills will improve your PPC campaigns for the better since we choose the best keywords for your business, based on actual search queries. Learn more about keyword research by contacting us today to at (512) 731-8114.