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Linking Strategies

Despite the social media friendly changes Google and other search engines make to their search algorithms, linking is still key for good search results. It's tempting to add as many links as possible to your site, but the best way to add links is to focus on quality. Here's a list of simple things you can do to improve links.

Blog with care. Create a blog with relevant content that can be easily linked to reputable sources. For example, if you're promoting a new product in a blog post, link to a news source or research that puts your product in a good light. Good linking practices like this show readers you are an expert that understands what's going on in the industry, not just a self-promoter. They'll consider your blog a great source of information. Good links reinforce why your products or services matter to consumers. Also, linking to trusted, well-known sites will help your search rankings.

Increase internal links. Internal links can make a big difference for your site: they reinforce the value of your company through links to your own content. Internal links are easy to lose control of, especially if your site has grown rapidly in the past few years. Better internal linking requires reviewing the current pages and creating new links between them. Reviewing existing pages can also help you remove irrelevant or outdated pages, which improves the overall quality of your site. Internal link building takes time and careful evaluation, but is worth it.

Add more social content. Social media is here to stay and if you've neglected to add your social media presence to your company's site, your search results will suffer. Strong social media ties are increasingly being taken into account in Google's search algorithms, so don't underestimate the importance of social media. Double check that every page on your site has links, follow buttons and share buttons for your social media profiles. Update your profiles regularly with product information and other news so people consider your profile a solid source of information. Doing this should make it easy to communicate with consumers on a variety of networks.

Link building is really relationship building via your website. Austin Search Marketing helps clients develop the best link building strategies, no matter their industry or background. Focus on linking to useful content, making more social media connections and you'll see your rankings go through the roof. Learn how to build better connections by contacting us at(512) 731-8114.