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Public Relations and SEO

Google's dynamic search algorithms are expected to use social sharing and authorship more heavily in the near future. This change will affect public relations by rewarding businesses that have established, reputable social profiles and clearly identify themselves as authors of online content. Any digital press releases or other content that contains links to profiles will be considered more trustworthy and useful by Google, which will improve those businesses' search rankings. This means businesses using questionable linking techniques that boost search rankings, but don't provide useful content, won't be able to game the system anymore. These changes are great news for businesses that engage with professional SEO companies like Austin Search Marketing for help with SEO. Two key ways to comply with Google's changes include establishing social media profiles and identifying your company as an author.

Social profiles. Google realizes the popularity and importance of social media. That's why it is using social media accounts as a factor in search results. This is great motivation for companies to either start building a social media presence in different venues (Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) or further develop existing profiles. This means the words you use in your messages, posts, profiles and other elements of social media will make a positive impact on your search ranking. Google experimented with using Google Plus content in search and it's now spread to other social media networks. There's no better time to evaluate your social media strategy so your company will benefit from the changes.

Authorship. Google is also using authorship in its search rankings. Businesses that use the rel= "author" tag will benefit since the tag tells who wrote the content. For the best results, make sure any content you write is clearly attributed to you or your company. Posting links to your company's site, social media profiles and other links is the best way to prove you're a real, reputable source of information.

Google's changes are all about improving the authenticity and value of search results. Austin Search Marketing believes these changes will improve SEO and public relations since they reward companies that use good SEO practices. Whether you need a new take on existing online marketing or are just getting started with it, you can trust Austin Search Marketing. Learn more about Google's search algorithms and how to benefit from them by contacting us at (512) 731-8114.