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"...produced unbelievable results for my company. We generated over $5 million dollars in new opportunities over the last twelve months alone!"
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Austin Search Marketing' services are focused on bringing clients real results. No matter what you've heard about search engine optimization, pay-per-click programs and online marketing, ASM cuts through the buzz to provide you with processes that work. With over $4 million in leads from satisfied clients, ASM has proven that success is possible with a strong marketing partner.

We love the buzz.

Here's an overview of some of the most important things we do when working with clients.

For the most traffic and conversions, it really pays to work with pros who understand how to make SEO and PPC work. The first steps are all about establishing the campaign's scope, with an emphasis on quality. ASM can identify quality keywords through quality score optimization, which will improve your ad position with popular, yet relevant, keywords. Regional targeting is another way to increase conversions by using keywords that are popular with certain geographic markets and running ads just for those markets.

Next, you need to track results. ASM is experienced with managing accounts for busy clients that want detailed overviews of campaigns. You'll know in a flash what's working with ASM's management skills.

After analyzing results, you can determine if you're getting a high enough return on investment and work with ASM to make adjustments. Using the following methods are like getting a second chance to make a difference. ASM can recommend methods like re-targeting, so visitors will actually revisit your site due to new ads they see on other sites! Another option, A/B or ad split testing, tests which ads bring you the most clicks. This way you always know which ads really work - and which don't.

Finally, ASM can suggest how to continue getting great marketing results. Depending on your company and its goals, we'll recommend things you can do to succeed in the long-term, like using Google Adwords, the industry standard for online advertising and marketing. Contact us to learn more about which services are right for you.

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